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The Ritz-Kennel - The Salon is a high-end pets grooming salon. It was used to locate in the basement of the Ritz-Carlton hotel. When it's moved to a new location, the client still wants the feel of Ritz-Carlton feel, yet it still has its own identity. SAGE - Food & Wine is an Italian restaurant , incorporating a lof "SAGE" into their cuisines. Its neighborhood kind of dine-in place, yet with a touch of sophistication.

Agent C. Atelier is a high-end T-Shirt company specializing in one-of-a-kind T-shirt, sold exclusively on the internet with special order only. As indicated in the tagline, "Classic with a Twist", this company emphasizes on either CLASSIC materials or the items themselves with the contemporary spin to them. RAK LTD - Creators of X-10-DOR™ is a company that produces Lever Door Handle Extensions, which have designs that work with the majority of multipoint, lever style door handles commonly found on today's French doors. Their application is to move the lever handle out from the door adding the needed room for window treatments while still allowing the handle to function as intended. They work wonderfully with today's hard window treatments, like plantation shutters, wood blinds, and motorized treatments

Travel with Us is a small travel agency. Using the blue and its shading as well as the arrowed line, the logo suggests movement and airy feel. FLASHES HAIR DESIGNS, INC. is a hair and bodywork (massage therapy) salon.

SILVER YOUNG PARTNERS is a real-estate development company. Crescent Cleaning Co. is a cleaning company specializing in corporate buildings.

The concept of this logo's taken literally from the name itself and puts into visual form. The owner/stylist travels to clients' residences to provide different type of hair services. The balanced swooshes surround CORE STRENGTH FITNESS - Nutrition & Fitness Concepts represent Nutrition and Fitness go hand in hand which yield the core strength.